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Spinning Success: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect DJ for Your Event

What Makes A Great Party?

Despite how important a fantastic DJ is to the success of an individual event, it is often surprising how late in the planning process many people contemplate hiring one for their party or wedding. With my existing advice and insights into how DJs operate and how to make the most of yours, JJ DJ’s guide is intended to assist first – time bookers in understanding what to look for when hiring a DJ.

I ask you dear reader, what constitutes an amazing party? Is it if the majority of your guests were up dancing all night to their favourite music, they would likely claim that they had a great time. But how can you predict the kind of music they would enjoy? Everyone has different likes, right?

Well there are a few elements to this process – one which involves guests in letting go of their inhibitions and entering the thrilling world of the dance floor, filled with the music and bright coloured lights to which they take the chance to truly enjoy themselves. The DJ’s selection of music in this process is vital. It can bring the biggest of ‘stank’ faces to the most nostalgic eye watering moments that you and your guests may never forget. If the DJ knows what songs to play for you and your loved ones, it will be one hell of a party. This skill is known as reading the room

A Skilled DJ can Read the Room.

The second being the DJs ability to read the room – A competent DJ should be passionate about various kinds of music, so that when he plays certain great songs from his collection, he can gauge the crowd’s reaction. Aiming for the most keen and least keen individuals to dance to be co-existing on the dance floor at one time. The DJ for your event should be able to read the room and have a gut feeling about the kind of music that will get people moving.

Your job in this process happens prior – vet your DJs so that you can trust their gut instinct. 

In making sure the DJ is for you, you will be able to create the perfect leeway for your DJ to select songs from a genre or selection you have suggested to play (often best shared in a spotify playlist).

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Top 4 Things to Consider Before Hiring a DJ

1. Know your style, and make it clear.

This holds true for the music they’ll perform as well as how they engage with the crowd. Is it more crucial to have a DJ that specialises in audience interaction and party games, or do you want someone who will mostly concentrate on the music? Would you prefer a current selection of dance anthems or a broad selection of vintage party hits? A great DJ can accommodate most requests and circumstances, but it’s crucial to be very clear about the kind of DJ you want to employ right away. 

2. Recent customer references.

Make sure you have a tonne of references from past clients that demonstrate the DJ’s ability to read the crowd and keep everyone on the dance floor. Verify if the DJ has prior expertise with events similar to the one you are planning. For instance, having the right equipment, knowledge, and abilities is essential to being a competent DJ. 

3.  What equipment and lighting will they provide?

Will your DJ supply a top-notch sound system and appropriate lighting for each stage of your event? A DJ should, for instance, be able to supply more thrilling flashing lights, scanners, and effects for the dance floor in addition to subdued “mood” lighting and peaceful background music for the early hours of the evening. With the use of a very high-quality PA system, the DJ can play music loudly enough for everyone to experience the intensity and pounding of it without it becoming overly loud. When louder over a certain point, cheap PA systems sound terrible, making the music harsh and exhausting. 

4.  Hire a professional.

While it may be tempting to hunt for a local DJ that charges less, don’t undervalue the importance of the DJ’s performance the night of the event. Over the course of at least four hours, the DJ will be in charge of keeping all of your guests entertained. They will serve as the evening’s central attraction. 


Of course, the most important key to a successful event is hiring a professional DJ who will not only make a fantastic party for your guests, but will surely make the event a memorable one for you and your guests. However, choosing the best DJ in all of Australia may be difficult – and yes, I understand that part of the reason is because the likes of Swedish House Mafia & David Guetta live in the northern hemisphere and you can’t have the DJ Goats at your next event – but the reality is, you and your guests are unique. By simply knowing your taste and what you think is fit for your event will go a long way. 

The combination of knowing your style and hiring the correct DJ for your event is a key to a successful DJ event – their professionalism and skill when aligned with your vision for the big day will result in you spinning in success.

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