Angelic Beauty - Make-up artist from the heavens

Glam or Natural? You probably have an idea of the two, but why do it yourself and worry about your makeup when you can take a step to ensuring you are truly rocking the night in that dress you picked out months in advance? 

That's what I thought - No need to risk it when you have the Goddess of Make-up artistry at your fingertips.

Ladies & gentlemen, allow me to introduce Angelina - the brains, braun & beauty behind each stroke of the make-up brush Angelic beauty.

Make-up artistry. What is it? Well, it's the same as any other service really, you could probably do it but why? You wouldn’t wire up a house if you weren't an electrician so why not treat yourself to be pampered, so you can truly light up your next event. 

The enchanting Angelina you see in the above photo is the visionary behind every breathtaking look from Angelic Beauty.

Renowned for her captivating bridal makeup and exquisite Glams for your next event. Angelina's swift and meticulous work ensures your Make-up won’t smudge, go oily or produce any unwanted looks for the photos of your special night. 

With Angelina, your transformation will be seamless and stunning.

Dedicated to using only the highest quality products and tailored techniques, Angelina accommodates all skin types, skin tones and overall preferences. 

Angelina is nothing short of amazing at what she does - don't believe me? Go see for yourself on all the social media platforms, the queen MUA is always on top of the latest trends and proving that every minute under her watchful eye is one step closer to looking like an angel for your next event.

Angelina’s passion for enhancing the natural beauty of her clients, combined with her unrelenting love for makeup artistry starting from a young age, is what transformed her talent into the epitome of beauty businesses.

So dear reader, if you are seeking your next show-stopping look, look no further than Angelic Beauty!

Instagram - @angelinajade.mua 


Helena Ces Designs - Design & Styling Queen

Need stunning visuals for your next event? Craving unique designs to make your wedding unforgettable? Or simply looking for creative artwork to bring your celebration to life?

Have all these ideas in designing items that truly take your event to the next level of customizability - but have no idea how to use canva?

Well, Ladies & gentlemen, allow me to introduce the creative genius and mastermind behind all things branding, design and overall style - the lovely lady at the helm of Helena Ces Designs – Helena.

The brilliant Helena you see in the above photo is the visionary behind every captivating piece from Helena Ces Designs.

Known for her eye-catching designs for your event such as wedding invitations, elegant name tags, and stunning event posters - Helena's capability to take your special day to the next level is out of this world.

Now hear me out, there is nothing worse than when engaging with a vendor and waiting years for a response or an update on what's happening on their end. Well my dear reader Helena's quick turnaround on projects ensures your vision becomes a reality in no time. With Helena, your event's visual elements and overall styling will be both unique and unforgettable.

Helena’s passion for creating visually stunning artwork, combined with her unwavering dedication to client satisfaction, is what transformed her talent into the premier graphic design business it is today.

As I said… Why muck around with Canva when you know the best in the business with a passion to look after you and your event is a part of Mia Famiglia.

Instagram: @Helenacesdesigns


Swirled n Co - Baking Extraordinaire

After some baked goods for your next event? Craving a delicious cake for the next party? Or just simply looking for something to sedate your sweet tooth?

Lucky you! You have found the outrageously talented Baker that's a part of Mia Famiglia.

Ladies & gentlemen Let me introduce to you the creative genius that is behind Swirled n Co - Siena.

Whatever nostalgic and memorable moments you have had around baked goods in your lifetime, be prepared to have them threatened by the creative genius that is behind Swirled n Co - These Desserts are No. Joke.

The lovely Siena that you see in the above photo is the mastermind behind every single cake from Swirled n Co.

Known for her mouth-watering shortbread cookies and melt in your mouth cakes, Siena’s quick turn around on baked goods will make sure your mouth doesn't even get the chance to water at thought of her cakes - because before you know it they will be in your mouth!

Stringent with her selection of her ingredients, whilst accommodating to allergies & dietary requirements. Swirl n Co is now your one stop shop for baked goods.

Siena’s love for seeing her family and friends indulge in her baked goods, backed with an indisputable love for cooking up a storm in the kitchen is what helped turn her passion for desserts into the Croquembouche of all Baking businesses.

Sourcing inspiration from the renowned Reynold Poernomo for his mind-blowing creativity around desserts, to the Queen of Sydney Desserts - Brooke Saward, who took the risk to take her baking dreams and make it a reality - Siena and her stunning business is nothing the perfect combination of her two favourite creatives.

So dear reader - if you are looking for your next finger-licking dessert look no further than Swirled n Co!

Instagram - @Swirlednco


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