Happy Birthday!

In Da Club - 50Cent Begins to play!* 

Now Let's go Shorty Cause It's your Birthday!

Whether it's a milestone birthday or just celebrating another year of your existence, I think we can all agree and say that you deserve to dance the night away celebrating that glorious lap around the sun!

(Wow, this dude is eager - Energy is on par with the Energizer Bunny!)

Yes, yes, I am eager. Nothing is better than getting to see you celebrate YOU surrounded by your loved ones. But before I go into more detail, let me introduce myself.

Hi, my name is Jordan (you can call me JJ). I am dedicated to making your birthday celebration truly special with exceptional music and entertainment. Milestone birthday or not, I am here to bring the energy to your birthday party and help you and your loved ones celebrate.

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A lively birthday party scene with people dancing energetically. The room is illuminated with ambient lighting, and a DJ setup with speakers and lights is visible in the background. Guests are smiling and raising their hands, enjoying the music and celebration.
A black and white photo of a DJ wearing headphones and smiling as he mixes music on a DJ console. The DJ, with curly hair, is energetically engaging with his equipment, and stage lights illuminate the background, creating a vibrant atmosphere.

Expert DJ Services for Every Birthday Celebration

With years of experience playing at various milestone birthday parties, I know how to read the crowd and create the perfect atmosphere. From background music that sets the mood to high-energy tracks that keep the dance floor packed, I can curate a playlist that meets your unique needs.

Tailored to Your Unique Vision

Your birthday is unique, and I am committed to making sure every detail reflects your personality and preferences. If you have specific requests or creative ideas, let me know! I am more than happy to tailor our services to suit your vision and create an event that is genuinely unforgettable.

On your birthday, Collaboration is key - Share what you love to dance to!

  • RnB Fiend? Share your favourites!
  • Love the Classic 80s Hits? Send us your playlist!
  • Want the Latest and Greatest House Music Tunes? Let us know!

If you're unsure about the vibe you're after, don't worry. I have plenty of pre-made playlists and mixes to suit any mood. Check out some of my previous mixes on Soundcloud or explore curated playlists on Spotify.

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Let's Create Unforgettable Memories Together

Your satisfaction is paramount to us. Reach out today to start planning an extraordinary birthday celebration that will be talked about long after the event.

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